how to Change a friend into a girlfriend

How To Change a Friend Into a Girlfriend

Who needs to understand how to change a friend into your girlfriend? This is a very common problem for heaps of guys who become stuck in the terrible "friendzone" with a girl change from just their friend into their boyfriend is the prime motivator in heaps of guys life; It is also seemingly impossible to do!. Despite this,making her your girl is possible.

You see,Your issue is not that you are not a good match for her. Your looks are also not any part of this problem. Even if she has a boyfriend this is not the reason it is so hard. The issue is that you have been tagged as a "friend" by this girl for many different reasons and that tag is more than just a word ... It is a barrier that women put up unconsciously to stop there being thoughts of romantic inclination. You are seen as a brother, This limits you and stops you being a potential boyfriend and lover.

As such, you need to break free of this tag and be considered not as a friend but as a potential boyfriend first before they see you as a "friend". This process of re-branding yourself is a hard one and requires you to be very aware and careful in what you do, say and how you act around your future girlfriend.

Here are a couple of steps you can take to be seen as an eligible boyfriend

* Make Yourself Less Available - Friends are always available to a girl when she needs someone to complain to and dump their emotional baggage on. If you are a potential lover however most women will not do this as they are scared of making a bad impression. With this in mind make sure you keep yourself busy and have a life and also let her know this. A friend who is not available all the time suddenly becomes less of a friend allowing you to become something else..
* Control the context of when you see her - Just hanging out does not make any exciting or memorable memories in your girls mind. If you create opportunities for exciting and fun times these will be what she thinks of when she remembers you, these memories are linked to attraction.. Forget the easy hanging out and make sure to involve both of you in something exciting and memorable ... as friends to start with.
* Be in control and positive - This might be an odd tip on how to change your friend into your girlfriend, but most women respond well to guys who are positive and not negative. Some negative mistakes guys can make are disrespecting their current or ex-boyfriends out of your own insecurity, being down on yourself or being generally disagreeable. An upbeat attitude says fun and excitement and indicates you are in CONTROL of your own life.

Hopefully you can now see that there is hope to break free of the friendzone and want to know the exact formula of re-branding yourself to your advantage (if she has a boyfriend or not), click below to discover what you need to know to get your girl!

How To Turn a Friend Into a Girlfriend